Widmungen (Dedications)

Hier findet ihr alle Widmungen, die Robert B. Parker in seinen Romanen verfasst hat.


Here you will find all the dedications, Robert B. Parker has written in his novels.


The Godwulf Manuscript
This like everything else is for Joan, David and Daniel.

God Save the Child
This is for My Mother and Father.

Mortal Stakes
This is for Joan, David and Daniel.

Promised Land
For Joan, David and Daniel.

Judas Goat
- keine Widmung
- no dedication

Looking for Rachel Wallace
For Joan, David and Daniel, my good fortune.

Early Autumn
For David and Daniel Parker: With the respect and admiration of their father who grew up with them.

A Savage Place
For Joan: no one is as interesting nor nearly so luminous.

For Joan: For whom the sun does indeed rise and set, or would if she told it to.

The Widening Gyre
For Joan, David and Daniel: The center can hold and does.

For Joan: like gold, to airy thinness beat.

A Catskill Eagle
For Joan

Taming a Sea Horse
For Joan

Pale Kings and Princes
As always for Joan, Dan and David - and this time for Kathy.

Crimson Joy
For all of us.

For Joan

For Joan: no dream in vain.

For my wife and sons - sine qua non.

Double Deuce
For Karen Panasevich who taught me about youth gangs, and about commitment.
And for my wife and sons, who taught me everything else that mattered.

Paper Doll
For Joan: Music all around me.

Walking Shadow
For Joan: For whom, if ye please, I care for other none.

Thin Air
For Joan: still the taste of wine.

For Joan: Every town is Paris; Every month is May.

Small Vices
For Joan: You may have been a headache, but you've never been a bore.

Sudden Mischief
For Joan: Gloriana.

Hush Money
For Joan: all the day and night time.

Hugger Mugger
For Joan: The ocean's roar, a thousand drums.

For joan: somewhere around the twelfth of never.

Widow's Walk
Joan, Dave, and Dan: the rest is decoration.

Back Story
Joan: Every Year Variety More Infinite.

Bad Business
For Joan: good business.

Cold Service
For Joan: far together.

School Days
For Joan: hasn't it been one hell of a ride to Dover.

Hundred-Dollar Baby
For Joan: Priceless.

Now & Then
This is for Rose...always

Rough Weather
For Joan: the fact is the sweetest dream of all.

The Professional:
For Emma, who arrived, and for Gracie, who left

Chasing The Bear
For Joanie: The One.

Painted Ladies
For Joan: live art.

As always, for Joan.
And this one's for Lou Zambello.

For Joan: Always The Inspiration.

For Joan: Nobody tougher.


Silent Night


Every Christmas gift I cherished came nicely wrapped as you.


Cheap Shot

For Bob and Joan

Still here



For Mel Farman,

A true friend to both authors.


Slow Burn

In memory of Elvis, a true wonder dog


Little White Lies

In memory of Ron Borne,

True pal, lover of life and dedicated Sox fan

Que le vin de l'amitie ne jamais s'asseche


Jesse Stone

Night Passage
For Joan: Anywhere you are is Shangri-La.

Trouble in Paradise
For Joan: Paradise Regained.

Death In Paradise
For Dave and Dan:
who kept their mother going and brought their father home.

Stone Cold
For Joan: everything started to hum.

Sea Change
For Joan: l miglior fabbro.

High Profile
For Joan, whom the eyes of mortals
have no right to see

Stranger In Paradise
For Joan: with whom I am no stranger

Night & Day
For Joan: Only you beneath the moon
and under the sun.

Split Image
For Joan, of course, and also for Stephen F. O'Loughlin, Jr.


Killing The Blues

For Joanna...who makes everything possible....and for Bob


Fool Me Twice

For Joanna...who makes the world go round...and for Joan and Bob


Damned If You Do

For Joanna

who makes every day an adventure...

and for Joan and Bob

Blind Spot

For Bob and Joan Parker


The Devil Wins

To Mel Farman and Jim Kennedy,

for taking me in as one of their own.


Sunny Randall

Family Honor
For Joan: I concentrate on you.

Perish Twice
For Joan: I too favor fire.

Shrink Rap
Joan, Dave, Dan...
I'll tell you that I remember you (Ich werde Ihnen sagen, dass ich mich an euch erinnere)

Melancholy Baby
For Jean: Like the kicker in a mint julep for two.

Blue Screen
Joan: resembling or suggesting a fable: of an incredible, astonishing nature.

Spare Change
For Joan: once in a lifetime.


Debt To Pay

For Helen Brann


Cole & Hitch

Again, and always, for Joan.

As always, for Joan, the girl of the golden west...
and east...
and north...and south.

For Joan: Well worth the pressure.

Blue-Eyed Devil
For Joan: blue eyed and devilish, in exactly the right proportion


Bull River



The Bridge










Andere Parker Romane

Perchance to Dream (Philip Marlowe)
For Joan

Poodle Springs (Philip Marlowe)
As always, for Joan; and this time, surely, for Cissy.

This is for Joan in whom God finally got it right.

Love and Glory
For Joan: We all try. You Succeed.

All our Yesterdays
Since this book is about fathers and sons, and since I am a father particularly fortunate in his sons, this book is for them, and for their mother.

Gunman's Rhapsody
Joan: So many towers, so little time

Double Play
For Joan, who has, as I suspect of Rachel Robinson,
made all the difference

Edenville Owls
For Joanie Hall of Swampscott

The Boxer and the Spy
(keine Widmung)